Flyover Canada (2012)


Tornado Alley (2010)

Graphic Films

Ride Around the World (2006)

Trinity Films

BUGS! 3D (2003) GSTA Award Winner (2003) & LFCA Award Winner (2003)

Principal Large Format

Santa vs. the Snowman 3D (2002)MPSE Award Winner (2003)

O Entertainment

Pulse a Stomp Odyssey (2002)GSTA Award Winner (2003)

Yes/No Productions

India Kingdom of the Tiger (2002)


The Human Body (2001)MPSE Award Winner (2002) & GSTA Award Winner (2002)

BBC Large Format

Michael Jordan to the Max (2000)

Giant Screen Sports

Loch Lomond: Legend of the Loch (1999)

Principal Large Format

On Guard (1999)

Vista Collaborative Arts Inc.

Alaska (1997)Academy Award Nominee (1998)

Graphic Films Corporation

Africa the Serengeti (1994)

Graphic Films Corporation

Fires of Kuwait (1992)Academy Award Nominee (1993)

Black Sun Films


War of 1812 Exhibit, Vancouver BC (2012)

Vista Films Inc.

Marine Centre SoundScape, Sidney BC (2009)

Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre.

Earth Rangers, Royal Ontario Museum (2008-2009)

Vista Films Inc

NWT “4D’ MAP, Yellowknife, NWT (2008)

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.

The Wooly Mammoth Exhibit (2008)

Royal BC Museum

Museo del Acero, Monterrey Mexico (2006-2007)

Vista Films Inc.

BC “4D” MAP (4 chapters) (2005-2007)

Royal BC Museum / West Eagle Films

Deeley Motorcycle Exhibit (2007)

Cooke and Associates

HMS Discovery (2006)

Royal BC Museum

Snowbirds Flight Training – Interactive (2004)

Jam@ti Productions

Sky Dog “4D” (2004)

SimEx ! Iwerks

Pianetera – Marine Theme Park, Italy (2004)

Vista Films Inc.

Deep Sea (2003)

SimEx ! Iwerks

Blast Off – Space Center Houston, TX (2003)

Vista Films

Vital Space – Interactive (2001)

Immersion Studios

Pirates (2000) – MPSE Award Winner (2001)

SimEx ! Iwerks

Cameos – Portugal Theme Park (2000)

Vista Films Inc.

Prodigal Son (2000) – Hanover Expo 2000

Chelsea Road Productions

Impact (1999)

SimEx ! Iwerks

Dinosaurs (1999)

SimEx ! Iwerks

Reboot the Ride 1 & 2 (1997/98)

Mainframe / IMAX

Asteroid Adventure (1994)

IMAX / Landmark Entertainment